Let Sonical lead you to the sound of quality

At Sonical, we are constantly striving to improve our service and would like to keep you informed of the latest developments:

  1. Sonical Service portal 
  2. Sonical Studio
  3. Sonical License Portal
  4. Sonical Telefonie

1. Sonical Service Portal

To serve you better, we’re introducing the Sonical Service Portal, an interactive platform that makes it easy for you to communicate with our service department. You can create cases, track status and history, and view all communications concerning your question or problem. In parallel with the implementation, we have expanded our customer service team to provide you with better and faster service.

2. Sonical Studio


At Sonical Studio, we invest in the quality of our employees through internal and external training. We are committed to continuous learning and development, allowing our employees to maximize their skills. This benefits both our internal operation and our clients.

In addition, we also provide hands-on training and guidance to customers, to promote efficiency. Even if there is little time to learn new programs or fully immerse new employees, we are ready to help! As a result, employees will feel more comfortable and better able to work with new programs.

Explore more on our page and learn about our products and pricing, as well as the Microsoft programs we work with.

3. Sonical License Portal

Now manage your Microsoft licenses yourself with the Sonical License Portal. You can query and modify your licenses without having to wait for our customer service. The portal is integrated with our distributor and Microsoft systems, allowing changes to be made instantly. Within minutes, your changes will be visible in your Microsoft Tenant! 

4. Sonical Telefonie

To connect you to the right department within our organization faster and more efficiently, we will soon be switching our telephony to Microsoft Teams. You will be welcomed by a short call menu and then transferred to the appropriate team.

Would you like to hear our new automated choice menu soon, do not hesitate to contact us at 050/70.74.76



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