Digital Experts United

Because at Sonical we believe a global network of locally anchored digital talent holds the future for both our experts and clients.


Sonical distinguishes itself by using the best of two worlds to your advantage: the accessibility of a smaller solution provider on the one hand, and the capacity of a larger player on the other. That is why we call ourselves Digital Experts United, bringing together complementary digital services.

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Digital Experts United


Think of us as a flywheel for the local economy, the boost for local businesses, so to speak, enabling them to make better progress. Because this global digitalization that everyone is talking about, must above all be executed locally. Sonical’s mission here is twofold: first, to give talent and companies the opportunity to grow under the Sonical umbrella, and second, to give the companies that choose us the opportunity to thrive.

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Digital Experts United


Sonical is implementing a lot of technologies in lots of domains, that to the outside world seem to flow into each other almost seamlessly. We could talk about this for hours, but perhaps we are too preoccupied by our passion. That’s why we prefer to let our customers do the talking.

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We are bound to offer only the solutions that suit specific needs

We provide specific skills for demanding challenges

We actively lead and engage to success

We work as partners, think as colleagues and act as friends.

We offer future- and result oriented people and end solutions


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Sonical Club

He who marches out of line hears a different drum. And though one sole drum may as well make a big sound, many drums will make your heart beat. That’s why once a month we organize Sonical Club, an exclusive event where for once it’s not about bits & bytes, but purely about beats and nice vibes. 

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