Strategic Services

It all starts with a strategy

You surely have a vision of where you want to go with your company, a growth strategy. Did you manage to capture it in a clear business case? How is this translated into your IT strategy? Is your existing IT landscape sufficiently supporting your business and future proof? Do you feel your IT investments are not returning enough value? Strategic services can help you with that.

Road map - process driven business solutions

Sonical believes in process-driven business solutions. This is why we think it’s important to understand your challenges and needs. First of all, we carefully listen and analyze your needs. Secondly, we bring an overview of your current IT landscape by interviewing the stakeholders and finding out what their challenges are. We come back with a strategy that focuses on your goals. For every goal, there are solutions and innovative ideas. And for every solution, we will provide the necessary tools and technologies. The tools and technologies need to support you in achieving your goal.

Strategy services roadmap

Strategy for Future-Proofing

By Analyzing your business and asking the right questions to the right people, we want to enable growth. A successful business runs on a constantly reviewed set of processes. Defining the process ensures you meet your company’s needs, but it also helps your company with strategic growth.

The solutions of Sonical are future-proof. A selection of solutions and automation will establish governed and scalable business processes. It also means employees can focus on their core business, and happy employees are the base of a growing company.

Registered service provider KMO Portefeuille

We are proud to say that Sonical is recognized as a registered service provider KMO Portefeuille for advice with registration number DV.A240783. The KMO-Portefeuille is a subsidy measure of the Flemish Government that allows you, as an entrepreneur, to obtain external advice (strategic services) with financial support.

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