Unlock the power of training in your digital transformation

In a rapidly evolving business landscape characterized by digital upheavals, Jef’s story shines as an inspiring example. It demonstrates how targeted training can lead to significant performance enhancements, even within sectors such as professional services, manufacturing, and wholesale. At Sonical, your guide to the world of digital transformation, we aim to share this inspirational narrative.

Jef: The Face of Digital Change

Amidst successive pandemics, one revolution persisted: digital transformation. However, for Jef, a affable salesperson who treated customers like long-lost friends, this shift felt overwhelming. His familiar customer conversations over coffee had to yield to virtual interactions. The leap from face-to-face meetings to video sales presented its own challenges. As if that weren’t enough, the company also introduced a brand-new CRM system.

The Imperative of Training

Jef found himself in a phase of “digital discovery,” while other team members excelled in digital skills. This marked the beginning of the transformation process. With focused attention and dedicated guidance, we together uncovered the immense potential of the new system. Through a structured program with Sonical Studio, Jef became acquainted with the technology and its capabilities. He emerged as the most proficient user of the system within the sales team. This marked the moment when the power of on-the-job training became abundantly clear. Jef flourished, not only elevating his sales outcomes but also unleashing new insights for the organization. The sense of gratitude he shared was invaluable.

The Training Return on Investment

At Sonical, we understand the transformative impact of training. When we implement something new, we equip employees with a powerful tool. While achieving expert-level utilization of the tool is desirable, it’s not always critical for significant performance improvements. Consider a back-office staff member currently utilizing just 5% of a new tool’s capacity. While this implementation is already seen as a strong enhancement, we emphasize training to comfortably increase end-users’ utilization of the tool by a few percentage points. This maximizes your investment return and requires only a modest investment in training.


The Power of Training: Empower Your Team

Every team and organization has its own “Jef” – someone who embraces change at their own pace. This underscores the importance of investing in training. It’s an investment in people, in those who make your organization more efficient. At Sonical, we go beyond advice. We believe that training is at the heart of every successful digital transformation. With our Sonical Studio, an innovative training solution, we excel as ‘digital experts united,’ striving to transform your organization.

Scientific Insights on CapEx and OpEx​

The potency of training is substantiated by financial principles like CapEx (capital expenditures) and OpEx (operational expenditures). Capital expenditures involve investments in technology and infrastructure, such as business application implementations. These assets add value over multiple years and are recorded on the balance sheet. Conversely, operational expenditures represent the ongoing costs of daily operations, including training to optimize employees’ usage of new tools. Striking the right balance between CapEx and OpEx is pivotal for successful digitization.


Jef’s story serves as a guiding light for enterprises in professional services, manufacturing, and wholesale. It underscores how effective training can make the difference in digital transformation. Sonical firmly stands behind the power of training as a catalyst for transformation. Invest in training and witness how your team, guided by experts like Sonical, embraces the world of digital change.

With Sonical, embrace the future and become a pioneer of change.



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