Welcome Ken.

Unlocking Efficiency: Welcoming Ken, Our New Service Delivery Manager!

We are thrilled to introduce Ken, our exceptional Service Delivery Manager, who joins our team at Sonical. As experts in Business Consultancy and digital transformation, we are excited to have Ken’s extensive experience and skills bolster our service delivery to new heights!

Expertise in ERP Implementation and SharePoint Solutions

Ken brings a wealth of experience in ERP implementation within distribution companies, making him the perfect fit to fine-tune our projects to perfection. In addition to his ERP expertise, his in-depth knowledge of SharePoint solutions will ensure that our clients receive seamless and efficient experiences.

Optimizing Customer Service

With a sharp eye for detail and a passion for elevating our Customer Service, Ken will play a crucial role in delivering top-notch services. He will collaborate closely with our team to provide solutions that match our clients’ unique requirements.

Taking Projects to New Heights

Gradually, Ken will take charge of project follow-up after successful implementations, ensuring our clients receive ongoing support and optimization. This strategic approach is geared towards maximizing efficiency and driving tangible results for our valued customers.

Welcome aboard, Ken!  Stay tuned as we continue to excel in digital transformation, delivering unmatched value and efficiency for businesses across various industries.

Service Delivery Manager



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Welkom Ken!

Efficiëntie Ontgrendeld: Welkom Ken, Onze Nieuwe Service Delivery Manager! We zijn verheugd Ken voor te stellen, onze uitzonderlijke Service Delivery Manager, die ons team bij