Product Development

Fast paced prototyping

We help organizations to design products, services, experiences, and ventures — which we all together call products — from a more strategic, multi-layered point of view. This means that, together with you and your team, we will look at your customer and its context, as well as your organization and its context. Sonical offers product development specifically tailored to your business and its needs and wishes

The different phases

We support our clients through the various phases of the product design process: inspire, design, build and grow. Our product development, design philosophy and experience allows matching or redefining your companies reality with your client needs.


Strategy Sprint

  • 4 week track
  • Aligning stakeholders
  • Iterative design thinking process
  • Defining the most important interventions
  • Building the product roadmap
  • Prototyping and user validation
(her)inrichting van digitale architectuur

What do we offer

Creating a framework for future ideation

Creating the strategy roadmap

Fast passed prototyping (physical, digital & hybrid)

User validation with prototypes

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