Change and Organizational Readiness

Prepare the organization for the solution

Regardless the positive intentions, change can be hard and difficult. Yet, the better prepared and monitored, the lower the risk on failure and resistance and the higher your organization and employees will achieve sustainable adoption and project success. Next to processes and tools, people are essential for a successful digital transformation journey. This means that change management is a key element within your digital strategy. Change and Organizational Readiness enables organizations to become more capable of initiating and sustaining significant change.

What is change management?

Changes are necessary and constantly present within an organization. Whereas project management is more about framing the technical aspects of a change process (budget management, scope and time monitoring, risk management, etc.). In the past less attention was paid to the impact that all these changes have on employees.

Change management will focus more on the human aspects of change. It offers organizations the opportunity to support employees in a structured way during the numerous change processes they go through.

More attention to the human side of projects ensures that the desired end situation is better understood and supported. This increases the chances of success of projects and achieving the goals. In other words, a greater chance of a high ROI.

Why change management?

Organizations are constantly subject to numerous changes. Just think of new goals that are set, mergers between 2 companies, new employees within the company or people who leave, the implementation of a new software package.

But external factors also create the need for change. The changing demands and expectations of customers, higher quality standards, a changing political climate, and a multicultural society are just a few of them.

Changes also come faster and faster and are more complex. Large projects of more than a year are no longer managed in a traditional ‘Waterfall’ system, where analysis, design, and development follow each other nicely. Change management offers organizations the opportunity to answer these challenges that are flexible and yet sufficiently focused.

Just as it is difficult for a captain to close his eyes to an impending storm, it is important for an entrepreneur to pay attention to these changes and their impact on the organization and employees. Otherwise, the intended goals are in danger of not being achieved.

Change Management


The success of many initiatives and projects within organizations is highly dependent on the extent to which the people within that organization accept and use the new processes, structures and working methods. If the new processes and tools are not used or are used incorrectly, the intended results will also be omitted. Therefore Change and Organizational Readiness is an important factor for the Return on Investment.

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