Data and Insights

Keeping Control

Your teams spend loads of time creating reports in excel, you aren’t sure all data is accurate, and you need more insights about your company? Don’t worry; many companies struggle with it. Data has been put into a certain system for years on end, and employees have developed their way of working, and it has resulted in a fragmented data store that is illegible for the new system. And in fact, what you need is automated reporting, a WatchGuard, and a way to manage internal projects. Data and Insights offers all this.

Business Intelligence

Information from various sources is quickly offered in the form of a clear overview. Reporting links all information flows to interpret better, process, and analyze your processes. Reporting is integrated into your ERP software.

The advantages of automated reporting:

  • Saves time
  • Reliable information
  • Better decisions
  • Faster reaction time
  • More efficiency
  • Shareability
Reporting tool Microsoft Power BI
Power BI

Microsoft Power BI

For the visualization

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Service


Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

Cloud Datawarehousing

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