Let Sonical lead you to the sound of quality

At Sonical, we strive daily to improve our services. We would like to inform you of the various improvements:

Quality improvements

Sonical Service Portal

To serve you even better after project delivery, we are launching the Sonical Service Portal. In this portal, you can interact with our Service Department in an interactive way. You can create a case yourself to report a problem or a question, but in addition you can follow the status and history of the already logged cases, as well as all communication about the case.

In addition to the implementation of the Sonical Service Portal, we have expanded our Ccustomer Service team to provide you with better and faster service.

Did you know?

The Sonical Service Portal was built using Power Pages, a recent extension of the Power Platform, which allows the creation of web pages in low-code. Where Power Pages is used as a website towards the customer, behind it Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service was implemented as a case management application, and this integrated with our CRM solution Dynamics 365 Sales.

You can access the portal by requesting a user through support@sonical.co

Sonical Studio


Quality with your customers can only be delivered byinvesting in the qualities of your own employees.

At Sonical Studio, we take plenty of time to mentor new employees. We learn from each other and pass on knowledge from each other, through internal and external training.

One learns by doing. We put the knowledge gained into practice. Life’s learning enriches our knowledge backpack.

We are committed to continuous training so that our employees continue to develop in a sustainable way. Our customers reap the benefits of this.

The knowledge gained as well as repeated training ensure that our employees maximize their skills. This benefits both our internal operations and our customers.

By the way, did you know that our employees receive an internal checklist before going to a customer?

With Sonical Studio, we promote a culture of learning and sharing during training with our clients. For an organization, efficiency is essential. You achieve that efficiency by properly training and supervising employees.

We also understand that there is not always time and space to learn new programs or to fully immerse a new employee in a Microsoft product. Sonical Studio is then happy to jump in to take on some of the hands-on training. We guide, monitor and coach employees until they are comfortable and working smoothly with a new program.

This is how we help maximize your investment.

The benefits of training for your organization

Maximize your investment

An athlete shines in their performance by investing in training and coaching. Make the most of your investment by training and coaching its users.

High job satisfaction

A system that works faster, more intuitively and intelligently supports each user leads to a fine working experience. Every day.

Efficiency increase

Because that’s what your business is all about.
The sum of better processes and individual performance leads to significant efficiency gains.

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Sonical License Portal

Customers who wish to manage their Microsoft licenses themselves can now manage them in the Sonical License Portal. This allows you to retrieve and modify your current licenses without having to wait for the intervention of our Customer Service team to do so. Given that the Sonical License Portal are integrated with our distributor’s services and Microsoft’s systems, these changes will be made immediately. Within minutes, the requested changes are made and available in your Microsoft Tenant.


Do you wish to manage your Microsoft Licenses yourself? You can access the Sonical License Portal by requesting a user through support@sonical.co

Sonical Telefonie

In order to connect you faster and more efficiently with the right department within our organization, we will soon switch our telephony to Microsoft Teams. You will be welcomed by a short dial menu and then transferred to the respective team.

Would you like to hear our new automated choice menu soon, do not hesitate to contact us at 050/70.74.76

Did you know?

The Microsoft Teams Telephony integrates fully with your Microsoft Teams and your Microsoft Business applications. For example: You can make calls directly from your business applications, Microsoft Teams will forward a phone call to your colleague when you are in a meeting,…

If you would like more information about Microsoft Teams Telephony, please do not hesitate to contact sales@sonical.co