Complete ERP and E-Commerce Integration for Trixie

Join in the endless imagination of children with Trixie

Trixie, a fast-growing Belgian baby and kids lifestyle brand, entrusted Sonical by Arcade with the implementation of both an ERP package and a product information management and e-commerce platform. To offer a true omnichannel shopping experience for the B2C and B2B customers of Trixie’s webshop, we partnered with Dynamicweb, which brings integrated e-commerce to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Inspired by the infinite imagination of a child, Trixie’s broad range of products for babies, toddlers and kids creates a playground from which your imagination can take flight. Trixie believes in a future-oriented approach, coordinating the complete design and development process in-house. A profound respect for the planet is at the core of the brand, which only uses high-quality materials and is intent on informing customers on how to prolong the lifespan of products to the maximum.

trixie baby

Growth as a key driver for integration

Based in Belgium, but in full expansion in Western Europe and beyond, Trixie doesn’t only market its products on its own website You can also find them on numerous other webshops, pressing for an omnichannel e-commerce platform supported by ERP software allowing the exchange of product information in an approachable manner. Furthermore a customer relationship management tool became crucial for the follow-up of B2B sales and leads.  

A threefold sales process optimization solution


Putting the pieces of this complex puzzle together, we came up with a future-proof

solution which comprises of three reliable and complementary software products:



Microsoft 365 Business Central

Microsoft it's all in one ERP Package


an all-in-one business platform combining content management, e-commerce, product information management and marketing capabilities


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

a CRM system that integrates seamlessly with Business Central

What exactly is so future-proof about these choices, you ask?

Each of these applications work just as well apart as they do together. True to our approach of deploying systems for the purpose for which they are intended, we avoided customizing the ERP code.
After all, any customization would stand in the way of Trixie switching to other applications later if they should so choose. The flow as we’ve integrated it allows room for flexibility, meaning one adjustment won’t affect any other aspect in the process.

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