Business Central Customization for Euroblast

Euroblast is a specialist in the field of blasting and preservation of steel plates for shipbuilding, tank construction, offshore and industry. They work for the top and subtop of the steel world in Europe. 

Euroblast’s goal is to provide its customers with the most complete solutions for projects. And this is only possible through efficient processes that centralize and automate Euroblast’s operations. For this IT implementation, the company called on Sonical by TWS

The Challenge​

“To process steel, there are a lot of different production steps involved. In our factory, for example, we work with 7 different types of paint that all have to be applied at the right time. We wanted to explain this process digitally to our workers. This way they know exactly which task they have to perform and when. We had already taken the first steps in this direction and we were very satisfied with our current system. However, we wanted to expand this further. Sonical by TWS was already in the picture at Euroblast because they helped us in the field of infrastructure. This resulted in a trust relationship that had already been built up, so for us the choice to go into business with them again was quickly made,” says Manon Bos, General Manager of Euroblast.

Sonical by TWS got to work with Microsoft Dynamics 365. This resulted in customization, because in addition to the installation of Dynamics, Sonical by TWS also integrated the old functionalities and took care of further expansion. Quotes, factory planning, stock, HRM management… Even the ordering of shoes for employees can be found in this new system.

Customization in Business Central

To integrate the new Dynamics system at Euroblast, Sonical by TWS worked step by step. The first step was to analyze the original package. This required some mathematical knowledge, as they had to figure out how all the prices were calculated. For example, for each plate the weight, the paint, the loss of paint… was calculated.

After the analysis, Sonical by TWS went to work on drafting an action plan. This action plan gave a clear answer as to how the results of the analysis could best be implemented in Business Central.



project manager

Dynamics delivers a lot of benefits

"Thanks to Sonical, we have been able to experience that Dynamics delivers a lot of benefits. The most important one is time saving, since everything is linked and all company information is centralized. In addition, our employees can put a lot of information into this system. This includes the tasks they have completed, how long they took to complete them, and so on. In this way we always have a clear and accurate view of how our company works and we can quickly intervene with possible issues. This in turn results in a great competitive advantage."

"In addition to these advantages of Dynamics, Sonical as a partner also has enormous advantages. They work extremely fast and are always available. Sonical also thinks along to solutions and implements the various needs of Euroblast. Because of this, Dynamics is not standard, but tailor-made. And that only brings us benefits and good results."


Sonical is also enormously pleased to be able to help and assist a company like Euroblast further with their digitalization.

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