Digital processes fly at cruising speed at Fiberklaar

Digital processes flying at cruising speed for Fiberklaar

Surfing, streaming, watching digital TV and gaming? That will soon be faster than ever thanks to Fiberklaar, which designs, builds and manages a lightning-fast and stable fiber network in Flanders.

As a fast-growing company with sky-high ambitions, the primary focus is on working efficiently with sophisticated digital processes that facilitate rapid growth. Our main mission was therefore immediately clear: avoid slowing down growth due to process or technical issues.

Hélène Vermeulen

Communication Advisor Construction

“Since our start in 2021, we have grown considerably to a company with about 100 colleagues. In the coming years, we have a lot of projects in the pipeline to provide lightning-fast fiber to Flanders, together with a lot of partners. To bring these to a successful conclusion, we are very pleased to have been able to call on Sonical’s expertise. With Sonical we can count on smooth cooperation, flexibility and the necessary maturity to set up a complex SharePoint project. In the future, too, we will often enlist the help of the Sonical team to realize Fiberklaar’s ambitions together.”

On the fast train

Starting from a white sheet to set up a SharePoint environment? It doesn’t have to take long. Fiberklaar had an empty SharePoint with an outline of their digital processes ready to go, and we built on it – after a critical look – with a basic product that we’ve developed and rolled out over the years. A little tweaking to the needs of Fiberready and they were off!

Our solutions for supporting rapid growth

The set-up of an Intranet in SharePoint kicked off a series of digital implementations to support Fiberklaar’s rapid growth:


After a thorough analysis of the processes drawn up by the client, we decided not to draw a digital roadmap from scratch, but to immediately continue shaping what was already on the table as a process challenger. Making speed, that was the message!

Data migration to SharePoint

Here, too, we broke speed records. Thanks to our extensive experience and frequent previous implementations, we can fall back on set procedures that allow us to efficiently go from intake per business unit to go live. 

Project and contractor hub

Thanks to our close involvement in the entire digital component, optimizations follow in quick succession. One of the additional projects is a set-up to centralize all project data in one place for Fiberklaar and its contractors so that these collaborations are also handled as efficiently as possible.

Is everyone still on board? Enter KaaS.

In a fast-growing company, it is often a serious challenge for employees to keep pace. At the go live, the entire team went through an extensive training pool in a one-month span to get right to work. We then provided a continuous training flow via the KaaS method so that each user could decide individually to delve further into the applications via short training sessions, know-it-alls on Intranet and a Q&A café.

Why Sonical guarantees supersonic pace

In short, thanks to our experience in previous projects and similar companies, we can often shift up a gear:

Don't overthink it.

In-depth analysis isn’t always necessary if you’ve already done similar projects in the past. By showing a pilot instead of a fully developed proof of concept, we can speed up the go live a lot.

Base Products.

Over the years we created several based products, which we can now install as a base and fine-tune until we have a solution tailored to the customer’s needs.

Proactive Approach.

Last but not least, we are not distributors of software but enter into a partnership with each customer. Especially with a fast-growing company like Fiberklaar, it is important to be constantly alert and anticipate possible technical problems. This proactive approach avoids any kinks and facilitates rapid growth.

Also need supersonically fast digital process optimization?

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