Bomedys has successfully gone live 

📢 We are thrilled to announce that Bomedys has successfully gone live on March 1st with the help of Sonical‘s implementation of Business Central. We also provided additional support by connecting them with Dynamic Web, setting up an EDI link, and incorporating WMS Tasklet.💪

Bomedys underwent a digital transformation process with guidance from Sonical was selected as part of their plan to implement Business Central and provide additional support to make the project a success. We had the privilege of working with a highly committed team, and it was truly an amazing experience.

After a successful installation process over the past nine months, we are excited to share that Bomedys has had a thriving launch, and it was an honor to mark this milestone with them.🚀👏

We would also like to extend our thanks to Bomedys for choosing Sonical as their partner and specifically for coming to our office to celebrate this special occasion.



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