Global Data Usability center with the use of SharePoint

Renson One Family to enable painless growth and ensure user adoption

Renson stands for ventilation, solar control and outdoor solutions that create a comfortable and safe environment to live and work in. Comfort, energy, efficiency, acoustics and design are key factors during the development of their innovative allround concepts.

Renson exist for 110 years. With “age” comes a lot of documents, information, and data and this fast-growing company required a system to manage it all. Renson needed a solution to organise their files and data in one place, keep track of all critical documents, improve accuracy, and provide around-the-clock access to document from any part of the world.

“In an innovative and fast-growing organization such as Renson, we can suffer from information overload. This requires us to work with partners that are like-minded, such as Arcade, in order to channel information and keep a clear focus.”

Challenges and solutions

First challenge

The organic growth and digitization of Renson lead to a rise in business data and information. Data was scattered over diverse locations and used in different ways by multiple sources. Renson was in need of a better structure to manage their company data.

Global Data Usability center with the use of SharePoint

To keep up with the pace at which Renson grows, we had to determine a long-term strategy. That’s why we created Renson One Family. The first element of this strategy was to create a “Global Data Usability” center with the use of SharePoint. This consists of centralized data, a uniform data structure, and governance to ensure all employees work with the same data.


Second challenge

The IT Team has the ambition to independently provide support for the company’s information flows. Renson was looking for a partner with experience in strategic data management, who could set up the foundation of a new system and at the same time educate the IT department on how to take matters into their own hands at the end of the implementation. It was vital to train and entrench these new data management processes so they become second nature to staff.


Enable Painless Growth

The second element was to “Enable Painless Growth”. Every successful business runs on a constantly reviewed set of processes. This not only ensures company needs are met, but it also helps Renson spot new measures for strategic growth. Our solutions support and enable this growth by being future proof. Through automation and the correct selection of solutions, we establish governed and scalable business processes. This enables painless growth

Third challenge

Renson noticed that as their organization kept growing they needed systems that were more compliant. Stronger policies and procedures needed to be enforced to protect data access, to avoid any loopholes or document leaking, and for all employees to understand the organization’s data management policies. This would safeguard the quality of the data within the Renson ecosystem.


User Adoption and Findability

The last element is “User Adoption and Findability”. It’s within our DNA to implement future-proof technology solutions that are scalable to suit the end-users‘ needs at any given time. By implementing a uniform procedure and process, end-users have more confidence in the technology and quality of the company data. Data management policies were integrated and end-users received training to learn how to “search” for data in less than 3-4 clicks.

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