Warehouse Management made easy with Business Central and Tasklet Factory

Optimise your order picking, packing and shipping processes with Tasklet Factory's Pack & Ship module

Optimise your order picking, packing and shipping processes with Tasklet Factory’s Pack & Ship module

Tasklet Factory’s mobile WMS allows you to optimise your warehouse processes and deliver them to your warehouse staff on a mobile device. Mobile WMS is a barcode scanning solution fully integrated with the standard warehouse functions of Business Central. It has a simple user interface and allows warehouse workers to process orders online and offline. Mobile WMS gives you a complete overview of your warehouse while streamlining key warehouse processes.

Sonical made a useful live webinar about the use of Tasklet Factory’s Mobile WMS in extension of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Hear Dynamics 365 expert and Managing Partner, Olivier Laloo speak together with Peter List (CEO) and Martin Sørensen (Channel Manager) at Tasklet Factory.

In this 1 hour webinar we will:

  • Exploring how to use the Pick, Pack and Ship module in your Warehouse and linking it to Business Central;
  • Share practical tips that can be applied immediately;
  • Delve into the advantages and disadvantages of using Tasklet Factory.

A Q&A is possible when following the live webinar. It is also possible to rewatch the Webinar on demand. Furthermore, in understanding what the possibilities are within the scope of Microsoft Dynamics 365, Sonical has created other webinars that offer a thoroughly look at some of the challenges in your business and our solutions. 

By Olivier Laloo

Microsoft Dynamics Expert

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