Exploit the Benefits of Process Automation with Microsoft 365

Unlocking the Potential of Process Automation: Exploring Efficiency, Compliance, and Growth Opportunities

Thursday 15-06-2023 07:30

Discover how your business processes can be taken to a higher level during our exclusive Breakfast Session! With the help of Microsoft 365, we can assist your organization in automating various processes.

Are you curious about the more efficient and faster possibilities of automation in HR processes, such as the hiring process, reorganization of business units, and employee departures? Do you want to gain insights into effectively monitoring important legal documents, such as GDPR and employment regulations? Or are you interested in learning how to track procedural changes in a constructive manner? Additionally, we will delve into setting up an effective approval workflow for accounting documents.

This unique Breakfast Session provides you with the opportunity to learn and grow in the field of process automation. From HR to legal affairs and accounting, we will delve into various applications and share practical tips to enhance your business operations.

The topics that will be covered during our Breakfast Session:

  • Introduction: more information about Power Automate
  • 3 business cases on HR, Legal Affairs, and Accounting

There are only 10 exclusive spots available for this session. Don’t miss this chance to elevate your company to new heights. Enroll today and secure your participation in this inspiring Breakfast Session.

By Kris D'Hoest & Maxim Vancauwenberghe

Microsoft Office 365 Expert

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