Discovering Future Growth: Microsoft ERP & AI Insights

Thursday 06-06-2024 12:00

Are you a CEO, CFO, IT manager, CIO or COO with one or more of the following questions?

  • How do we achieve higher efficiency and productivity within our ERP package and, by extension, the entire application landscape?
  • What is the impact of peripheral applications such as planning, OCR, banks, and a webshop on an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system?
  • How do I use custom software for my organization?
  • How do I use AI as an accelerator within our organization?
  • How does optimal data management contribute to better reporting and analysis capabilities?
  • What is the best way to tackle specific challenges, such as integration with other systems?


That’s why we, Sonical, MicrosoftIngenixPower Partners and Marcando are organizing the event for you to be inspired for optimal growth and efficiency. 

We take you on an exciting journey of trends within the digital landscape. Starting from the basics of ERP, enriched by the inspiring solutions offered by our partners. 


 For whom is this event a must-go?

  • Is your organisation active in the wholesale and distribution sector, production, or services?
  • Do you want to be inspired by future growth opportunities? We guide you to the right solution at every stage of maturity.


What can you expect?


  • Discover Microsoft’s vision for ERP
  • What about AI and the latest developments in business applications?
  • How can you continue to grow as an organization with ERP and all the peripheral applications that go with it?


Get inspired by our partners

  • Optimisation in the processing of financial documents, with Continia 
  • Simplify the process of bank transactions, with IDYN
  • Efficient resource scheduling, with Dime Scheduler
  • To a data-driven enterprise in 12 months with Power BI, thanks to Power Partners. In the transition to a data-driven company after the implementation of a professional ERP, the need for reporting on the enormous amount of data arises. Power BI offers seamless integration with Dynamics and allows you to iteratively work on dashboards for different departments. The goal: is to develop a strong data culture within your organization.
  • Tailor-made software from Ingenix can fill in missing functionalities and strengthen the packages with the power of customization and automation. Seamlessly integrate your ERP system with transportation planning systems, enabling more efficient planning and resource management in the supply chain. Linking AutoCAD to estimating tools and version control, so accurate drawings are linked and updated throughout the project.
  • Optimal use of e-commerce for efficient sales and growth of your business, with Marcando. In this session, they will delve deeper into the vast world of e-commerce, beyond just an online store. We’ll discuss the choice between buying or building it yourself, compare prices, and explore how you can create seamless end-to-end e-commerce processes as a business. In addition, we discover the benefits for both existing and new customers and share inspiring case studies.


Network with growth companies and experts with a snack and drink


Register now for free, as spots are limited.



More information:

Joke Velghe


Joke Velghe


Kapellestraat 138, Oostkamp, Belgium

Practical info

  • Thursday, June 6, 2024
  • O-forty Oostkamp
  • Lunch and networking at noon
  • Start, 1st speaker: 1 p.m.
  • End of speakers: 17:30
  • Start networking at 17:30.

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