An efficient Power App for Technicel

Technicel is not only known as a technical wholesaler for floorers, but also provides advice and training around all tiling techniques. All materials go directly from the manufacturer to the floor fitter.
Whoever thinks of wholesaling immediately thinks of a large stock. And that stock has to be counted on a regular basis. In order to do this efficiently and automatically, Technicel called on Sonical by TWS.

The Challenge​

Technicel stands for high-quality and innovative system solutions for the professional. The company made a selection from a few leading manufacturers of tile adhesives, construction panels, drainage techniques and so on. Each of these manufacturers is engaged in thorough product development and a sense of quality. By giving technical advice and providing all kinds of training, Technicel tries to bring the craftsman and the manufacturer closer together.

With six branches, Technicel’s stock has continued to grow. The result? Counting everything manually, writing it down and typing it into the ERP system took up more and more time. Now this counting is faster and automated.

Efficiency comes first

“Sonical by TWS helped us work out a more efficient process for our stock count.” Says Karen Steurs, Management Assistant at Technicel. “Before we knocked on Sonical by TWS’s door asking them to work out a new system for our stock count, it was done manually. We went through the warehouse with pen and paper and wrote down the stock manually. We then entered this manually in the ERP system. Initially, our request was to use barcodes to make this process more efficient, but Sonical by TWS had a different proposal.”

“Sonical by TWS built us a Power App that runs on iPads. This app retrieves the list of stock directly from the ERP package and also ensures that the values of the count are placed directly into the database of ERP. This allows us to work much more efficiently.”

Quick and inexpensive installation of the Power App

Building a Power App like this can be done relatively quickly and cheaply. To install the Power App, Sonical by TWS took a step-by-step approach. First, we did an analysis at the customer’s site and asked a number of targeted questions: what should be seen on the screen? What fields are needed? How do you want to enter the values? Who needs to do this and how does security work?

After the analysis we started working on the ERP and database side. At the same time we developed the Power App. Finally, we provided an extensive test and any necessary adjustments.

project manager
Power App door Sonical op iPad

Good contact and involvement are always paramount

"Especially the fine contact and involvement of Sonical by TWS makes us a very satisfied customer. If we have questions, they are there for us immediately and we can always count on them in case of problems. We can definitely speak of a pleasant cooperation here."

Sonical by TWS is very happy to be able to support and guide a company like Technicel, with six branches, towards working more efficiently.

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