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Controlled Document Area

More control over quality documents in your company?

As a company, there are often a lot of quality documents circulating that can cause damage to your business if they are not checked & updated consistently and correctly.

So often challenges such as working with the latest version of a file, categorizing by department, document numbering that is automatic and unique, and creating an efficient approval process are encountered.

Working with a CDA module provides the solution for this.

Why CDA?

  • Central location for all quality documents
  • Automated and efficient approval process
  • Document numbering based on company structure
  • Categorization by department
  • Version control
Engineering machinery

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Start your digital transformation with our base products

Sonical has been active in digitizing, automating and optimizing business processes for over a decade. This is for both scale-ups and listed companies. In our experience, companies often face the same issues and challenges. Our Base Products have automated some of these business processes. This includes both the automation of the basic process and all the technologies needed to support the process from A to Z.

By making the best use of standard Microsoft Technologies, the process can be easily adapted to the specific needs of the client. In essence, we can say that 80% is in the basics and 20% needs to be adapted to the needs of the customer.

Project scope

By specifying which tasks and deliverables are included, the project scope of the Base Product to be delivered is clear to the stakeholders involved, senior management and team members.

In Scope

SharePoint setup.

Libraries/lists to support basic process & standard meta data columns

Approval flow and access management

Automate workflows through Power Automate

Automatic numbering

Key user training & project management.

Out of Scope

  • Additional metadata columns
  • Consent matrix
  • Customize content of standard automation
  • Upload templates/ customize layout of flows
  • Automatic numbering adjustment
  • Migration of documents
  • Multiple approvers per approval step
  • Training
  • Translations

Project Approach

To set up CDA, Sonical works according to an established procedure that has emerged after continuous refinement during customer implementations.
The steps below show the course of this procedure for deploying an Intranet in a Microsoft 365 environment.

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Starting from the needs of your organization, our experts automate the processes for your organization. Thus, optimize added value through smart digital implementations.

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Olivier Laloo

I am happy to help your organization optimize your business processes. More than 13 years of experience in implementations and upgrades around Microsoft Dynamics and a team around him with specific experience about your industry. Thus, we ensure the perfect cooperation between automation and human capital.