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Is your organization in wholesale or distribution?

Our digital experts have proven experience optimizing business processes within your industry. On this page, we guide your organization to the right digital solution.

Olivier Laloo
Olivier Laloo
Senior Solution Architect

To best serve consumers, wholesalers and distributors need to embrace digital completely. The shift to digital sales therefore requires agility and efficient logistics to meet customer expectations. Of optimal supply processes for e-commerce. To use data smartly for decisions.

People are the crucial factor in this. The actors are part of an extensive network. Attracting and retaining the right people is necessary for growth. Building an optimal process. What is your need?

Manage documents centrally

Seamless management of documents (for projects, machines,…), both internal and external. Global accessibility and centralized management. Automation to simplify day-to-day work.

HR efficiency

Attract and also retain talent. Internal communication and collaboration between people on point. Using digital optimally to empower people in their skills.

Streamlining production process

Improve cost efficiency through optimal interaction between human capital and automation. Reduce errors and disruptions. Increase productivity to stay competitive.

Supply chain modernization

Improve the process in your supply chain by delivering faster and more reliably. Respond better to market changes, resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

Making cooperation run smoothly

Optimal collaboration on files to save time. Both on a project basis, internally, with customers and suppliers. Increase transparency and make it easy to track progress.

Managing quality documents

Consistent and correct management of quality documents to ensure high-quality standards. Avoid duplication of effort and reduce errors.

Coordinate planning optimally

Deploy personnel, equipment and other resources efficiently and reduce waste. Avoid misunderstandings by allowing everyone to track progress. Achieve effectiveness in workflow and communication.

Using data smartly

Optimally manage, integrate and collect data. Using data for better decision-making. Making predictions to make targeted adjustments. Base strategic decisions on numbers.

Optimize financial processes

Manage expenses, billing to taxes optimally. Finance flows both internally and externally aligned with the needs of your business. Perform comprehensive analyses to improve your operations. Make strategic decisions based on real-time data. Achieve financial excellence.
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Wholesale & distribution

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Engineering & construction

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Wholesale & distribution

Trends in Wholesale & distribution

Warehouse automation: crucial in efficiency

Automation makes all the difference in how efficiently a warehouse runs. We see that wholesalers and distributors are using advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) more often. So they create more value in a market with large price tensions.

Quest for gains in efficiency through technology

Optimal warehouse and inventory management workand efficiency in hand. E-commerce provides in turn for greater reach and accessibility on sale. We see that wholesalers and distributors increasingly are making the reflex to deploy technology correctly and want to make investments for this purpose.

Commit to sustainability and a circular economy

A circular economy is increasingly part of the B2B world. Distributors are putting massive effort into sustainability such as the improving of energy efficiency and reducing packaging waste. In addition to the benefits in logistics and data storage, it also makes their business starker and more unique.

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Olivier Laloo

I am happy to help your organization optimize your business processes. More than 13 years of experience in implementations and upgrades around Microsoft Dynamics and a team around him with specific experience about your industry. Thus, we ensure the perfect cooperation between automation and human capital.