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Efficient project management with SharePoint and Power BI

Efficient project management at Infohos Solutions

Infohos Solutions is a leading IT Company in the healthcare sector. They have a market share of more than 65% of all hospitals in Belgium that employ their pharmacy software. More so, the hospitals also count on infohos solutions for their invoicing, patient administration, logistics, Power Bi visuals and other processes. With more than 90 employees, efficient project management is crucial and for that, the company counts on SharePoint, Power BI and  Sonical by Arcade.

“From the start we were enthusiastic about how Arcade could further progress our SharePoint site while keeping in mind Infohos Solutions’ new organizational structure. We’re now set for the future with an evolving system that manages all of our time and projects. This has the advantage for management that they can create oversight over all projects and only have to intervene in projects where things are not going well (management by exception). Arcade handles projects from a business perspective, translates this into a feasible technical solution and delivers results fast in phases.“

Challenges and solutions

First challenge

External Power Platform Team. Infohos Solutions was looking for a partner that could improve and automate their Project Management process based on the SharePoint Online platform already used. The foundations of the SharePoint system needed to be rebuilt since the organization had changed considerably.

Improve and automate project management processes

We advised Infohos Solutions to work with the combination Sharepoint, of a central Data Warehouse (DWH) in conjunction with the Power BI reporting tool. Once implemented, Infohos Solutions received in-house knowledge and user-adoption training to work with its brand-new PMO tool.


Second challenge

An initial Sharepoint implementation was set up but no longer fit with the new organizational structure of Infohos Solutions. They had a foundation in SharePoint but required a growth strategy to track hours, project deliverables, and a bigger picture of their operations.


Standardization of report templates

Standardization of report templates, generate reports at the click of a button, share in a set format, and base the reports on one data source. Infohos Solutions employees can create project workspaces, update tasks, and gather deliverables easily and securely in the cloud.

Third challenge

Outdated technology. Data and systems were delayed, and acquiring insights into hours and projects was challenging.


Full control with the PMO tool

The PMO tool is designed to evolve with the growing organizational structure. Infohos Solutions is left in control and with a fully independent solution from Arcade.

Fourth challenge

The use of formal and informal reports to communicate the status of projects was limited and data sources varied.


Time and project registration made easy

Time and project registration made easy. All employees involved work on the same data, and everyone can consult relevant information in an intuitive way. The project dashboard with integrated filter options offers a simple way to follow up on all projects, starting from the customer’s initial request to implementation and invoicing.

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