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Digitizing business processes at V3-Manupal

Implementation of a new ERP that supports all their processes

V3-Manupal must continuously weigh the productivity of their staff against the automation. Extensive digitization can offer a solution for this.

V3-Manupal turned to Arcade to choose the right system. Arcade helped V3-Manupal digitize the business processes. We implemented Microsoft Business Central so that all business processes, including operational processes, were digitized. Tasklet Factory is installed next to Business Central as a warehouse management solution.

About V3-Manupal

V3 Manupal

V3-Manupal is a sheltered workplace and employs people with disabilities. V3-Manupal wants to operate as an independent company while maintaining a social objective. Their current structure gives people with disabilities the opportunity to find a job and an opportunity for social integration under optimal conditions.

Today they employ more than 120 people who deliver top-quality products and services with passion, determination, and persistence.

V3-MANUPAL has several departments, the most important of which is the pallet department. V3-MANUPAL is a true leader in the wholesale of wooden crates and pallets. They also have an ironwork department, a landscaping department, a carpentry department, and a masonry department. 

“V3-Manupal is a non-profit organization with a social purpose. We have the same obligations as an independent company. So we also encounter competition from manual labor. And of course also of the automation in some sectors. Optimal work planning is a must to remain competitive. We always have to balance the productivity of our workforce against automation. Extensive digitization can offer a solution for this.”

Challenges and solutions

First challenge

First of all, the pallet department is non-project-oriented. They produce and sell tailored to the customer. This department has grown enormously in recent years, so they need a professionalization of their purchase, stock, production, and sales department

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to supports all their processes

V3-Manupal needed the implementation of a new ERP that supports all their processes. We implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, ensuring that all their processes link to each other.

Second challenge

Secondly, they needed a scanning solution to simplify the follow-up of their logistics process. A warehouse management system to get a grip on their new warehouse.


Warehouse management system to get a grip

We implemented a WMS solution for this. An app from Tasklet Factory available on RF scanner. In the future, they use this to carry out all their warehouse transactions based on barcodes. This app links to their ERP system.

Third challenge

V3-Manupal wants to go further in their social goal. They want to work with a tiny margin in specific sectors. This way, they can continue to provide work for all their employees. They need to know exactly how much work there is for their machines and their employees. Having an overview is crucial.

Reporting to create an overview of the process

Reporting is linked to Dynamics 365 Business Central. Thanks to the reporting V3-Manupal can run analyzes across all processes much faster. As a result, they gain a better understanding and can intervene more quickly if necessary. Secondly, they can make a correct calculation of everything they do in all departments.

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