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The right study, a suitable profession and then an exciting job. CoreTalents wants to assist you at important crossroads in your life. The company developed a unique CoreTalents Survey that looks back to your childhood. So you no longer have to wait until your 40th or 50th to discover after a lot of trial & error what gives you energy or costs you.

CoreTalents is working on a great growth story. With more than 400 analysts now, they help a lot of people get closer to themselves every day. But how do you collect, in a structured way, the data of thousands of people and the results of as many studies? A database issue that Sonical by TWS knew how to deal with!

The challenge

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CoreTalents has been working with an online platform for 7 years. All certified CoreTalent analysts can use this platform to download reports and enter analyses. The data that comes with this? These were kept ‘easy’ and old-fashioned in excel sheets. The more the company continued its growth spurt, the sooner it was recognized that this caused some problems. Just think of the fact that all excel files are prone to errors, that the data was too spread out…

When you as a customer ask to change your e-mail address in the database, it sounds like a simple task. But if your e-mail address appears in 6 different excel sheets, it causes a lot of headaches for the company in question. To answer their growth issue, Sonical by TWS implemented several modules from Business Central to structure all data.

From analysis to central data management

Dirk Sterkendries, manager at CoreTalents, had some doubts at the start of the project: "Investing in IT does not always mean better and faster. Moreover, in the past I wanted to set up automations myself, where we had to adapt our working method to the IT package. Fortunately, Sonical by TWS works differently. Thanks to a thorough analysis, Sonical by TWS aligned the modules of Business Central with our working method, instead of the other way around. Moreover, it became clear very quickly that the chance of errors is significantly reduced and that it saves a lot of time."

We started this project with a thorough analysis of the current data: what information is there and where is it distributed? After the analysis, we took the time to discuss the data in detail and we looked at how we could structure it. Immediately afterward, the tailor-made package was developed in Business Central and the right procedures were started.

Then came the most important step: migration. Migrate all data points to the centralized database. At the same time, we implemented and customized the necessary modules.

After the first switch, it is always essential to take enough time to test everything extensively. The new CoreTalents database is now being fine-tuned and the last links with the existing platform are being made. Within a few weeks, everything will be completely up and running.

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