Sharing documents with externals

Find out how to share documents with external parties in a secure, controlled way.

Sharing with externals in Office 365 can be a challenge in your company. Allowing external sharing gives you the risk of an unmanaged way of sharing documents on the entire SharePoint site. Which is increasing the risk for data leaks of documents with confidential data.

At Sonical we have built an end to end process, which is working together with Office 365 to share your files with externals in a secure and manageable way.  We also foresee a logging to keep track of the shared files and find potential risks soon. The developed tool can work perfectly parallel with the default sharing functionalities of office 365.

This process runs on native SharePoint Online and is powered by Power Automate.

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By Kris D'Hoest & Thomas Verwee

Microsoft Office 365 Expert

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