Data Migration done well

Move data from one system to another in a highly efficient way

Thursday 11-05-2023 07:30

​Moving your files from a shared drive to Office 365 is more than just a copy/paste. While moving those files, we have an opportunity to optimize our way of working. Based on the feedback of your employees, we can help you enhance your data structure in Office 365.  

​Migrating the files to a new location is also more then only a new place to access the files. Let your employees use full advantes of all the features presented by this platform. We will train to users to maximize the usage of Office 365 and explore the added value for them.  

​During this breakfast session, our data migrations experience will be demonstrated and we  will provide you the migration trajectory built with the vision of Sonical. At last, we will focus on our successful customer stories for a migration from a shared drive to office 365. 

Only 10 seats available, so claim your exclusive spot.

By Kris D'Hoest & Thomas Verwee

Microsoft Office 365 Experts

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