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Boost business productivity to get more done by giving everyone the ability to automate organisational processes.

Thursday 15-06-2023 07:30

​Power automate is an application which is part of the office 365 landscape. Which is given you and your employees a wide range of functionalities and automatizations. The question we often receive, what’s in it for our company? 

​In this session we explain what Power Automate is and its strengths being able to connect multiple sources in a streamlined way. Next to this, we show real-life business cases we have implemented at our customers with power automate. Which is helping our customers to automate their organisational processes and improve the productivity.  

​This session will be based on the long experience Sonical is having with Power Automate.  

Only 10 seats available, so claim your exclusive spot.

By Kris D'Hoest & Thomas Verwee

Microsoft Power Platform Expert

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