The SME E-wallet

We are proud to say that Arcade is recognized as a registered service provider SME E-wallet for advice with registration number DV.A240783.
We are therefore pleased to list what we offer and what the conditions are to qualify for this subsidy.


What is SME E-wallet?

De KMO-Portefeuille is een subsidiemaatregel van de Vlaamse Overheid waarmee je als ondernemer extern advies kan inwinnen met financiële steun. Het doel van de KMO-Portefeuille subsidiemaatregel: de kwaliteit en de werking van je eigen bedrijf te verbeteren. Een kleine onderneming die gebruik maakt van ons advies kan tot 30% steun genieten via de KMO-Portefeuille, een middelgrote onderneming tot 20% steun, beiden met een maximaal steunbedrag t.b.v. 7.500 euro.


The KMO-Portefeuille is a subsidy measure of the Flemish Government that allows you, as an entrepreneur, to obtain external advice with financial support. The aim of the KMO-Portefeuille subsidy measure is to improve the quality and operation of your own business. A small enterprise that makes use of our advice can receive up to 30% support through the SME E-wallet, a medium-sized enterprise up to 20% support, both with a maximum amount of EUR 7,500.

Which services qualify for the SME E-wallet?

Sonical by Arcade offers strategic advice in the form of an IT roadmap.

Who can make use of the SME E-wallet?

The subsidy can be used by SMEs, liberal professions, self-employed people and self-employed people in a secondary occupation. The VLAIO uses the European SME definition. In addition, your enterprise must have an acceptable legal form with an establishment in Flanders. Not sure if you qualify? All conditions can be found here.

How do you apply for your subsidy?

An application for the SME Ewallet can be made via the website of the Agency for Innovation and Enterprise. Before the start of the training course or the advice, you will receive all the practical information you need to submit the subsidy application smoothly. You can submit a grant application from the moment you sign it, even if the assignment has not yet started. It is important to note that the application for payment via the SME Portfolio must always be submitted at the latest 14 calendar days after the start date of the collaboration for the provision of the services.

De te volgen stappen zijn:

  1. You sign an agreement/offer for advice with Arcade BV.
  2. You receive your invoice from us.
  3. You must register as an entrepreneur via
  4. Search for Arcade BV, DV.AXXXXXX in the registered service providers and fill in ‘advice’ and ‘name of service’: ‘….’.
  5. You then submit the request for a 30% subsidy (based on the net amount).
  6. We receive an email about your application, after which we can confirm it.
  7. You pay your contribution (=70%) into theSME E-wallet and the VAT on the total amount is settled by transferring it directly to the KBC IBAN account number: BE36 7380 3273 3781, in the name of Arcade BV.
  8. You confirm the payment in the kmo-portfolio: otherwise the amount will not be transferred.
  9. You give us a review.

How to apply for an SME E-wallet? The step-by-step plan: