Steady Digital Transformation for Neuhaus

Steady Digital Transformation for Neuhaus.

Long before the digital age, Neuhaus opened its first boutique in Brussels. More than 150 years later, the company is making a name for itself worldwide with its delicious chocolate, offered both online and in more than 1,500 locations. The family business is now further preparing for the digital transformation we are going through and wants to prepare every employee to step into an efficient digital work process in which excellence in customer service and quality can be guaranteed and further improved. 

Moving in the same direction

Neuhaus is strongly committed to digitalisation, not only for efficiency reasons but also to provide its employees with an attractive and modern workplace. Because the company sensed that it was on the eve of a digital transformation, Sonical guided them in order to improve its internal processes on the one hand, and on the other hand to get every employee fully involved.

To get a good view of the current processes as well as organisational readiness from a business point of view, we walked along with the IT department and learned:

  • where opportunities for process optimisation lay
  • in which areas the business could offer resistance
  • how we could best involve the teams in the digitalisation process

We quickly understood that Neuhaus was facing a profound transformation and that our KaaS methodology would be the most sustainable way to implement this impactful change trajectory. 


Step 1: Optimising internal communication

Once the digital needs were clear, we started setting up MyNeuhaus in SharePoint. This internal communication tool bundles all the info that should be available to everyone at Neuhaus and is now also used as a daily news page to keep employees informed about the ins and outs of the company. Efficient internal communication not only saves time but also ensures satisfied and engaged colleagues.

Setting up MyNeuhaus as the first part of the complete digital transformation was not a haphazard decision: it is the ideal way to familiarise everyone with the SharePoint environment in a casual way. 


Step 2: To the cloud

At the same time, we started implementing Office365 behind the scenes. We involved employees in the process by having them take stock of their current folders and files. Necessary for us to set up the structure in Office365, but also the perfect opportunity to already offer the users insight into what was to come. While we prepared the implementation to Office365, they could, if they so wished, already attend training sessions for such things as Teams and SharePoint. This first introduction to Office365 ensured a softer migration of the data on various network drives on an offline server to the implementation of a new structure in Office365 in the cloud. 

We deliberately implemented this far-reaching process in several phases. We started with marketing, HR and IT – generally the key users to create support for internal change – before migrating sales and other departments in a second and third phase. 


Result: successful digital transformation within six months

Each go live included a start-up training in small groups of around 15 trainees, so that everyone could get started right away. Subsequently, we offered several training sessions per component for those who needed a refresher or wanted to delve deeper into the tools to get even more out of them. Together with the organisation of Q&A cafes, online community sessions and regular publications of tips & tricks on MyNeuhaus, the totality of the KaaS offering ensures that everyone goes through the digital transformation at their pace and according to their needs, and that Neuhaus is ready for the future as one team.


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