Round Up 2022

KaaS adding more.

Did you know that 70% of the knowlegde acquired in traditional training is lost after just a fews days? That’s why Sonical’s KaaS, Knowledge as a service; is an innovative way of passing on knowledge in a sustainable way. 

ERP Coach.

Choosing between Microsoft Dynamics Business Central or Microsoft Dynamics Finance & Operations. A hard nut to crack for many… With the help of Sonical you can compare with the help of the Digital Experts of both Business Applications. Sonical guides companies in their digital journey with the help of specialized ERP coaches.

Make the most of your Modern Workplace.

Your modern workplace is evolving rapidly and is more complex than ever to keep up. Certainly when it is not your core business. Together with Microsoft, Sonical offers solutions that increase your organization’s productivity, security and creativity. Discover the latest updates in our webinar. 


Managed services

Customer Engagement

Maintain a good relationship between you and your customers.

Monitor your customer engagement using Microsoft Dynamics for Sales, Customer Service and Marketing. 


A webinar, breakfast session, Inspiration day or networking event? Sonical organizes different types of events the entire year round. 

Latest news

What’s been happening at Sonical? 
Read the latest issues and news blast of the last year. 

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New at Sonical

Warmste Week at Sonical

Together with the neighbours of O-Forty we organised a Christmas market in favor of ‘De Warmste Week @Studio Brussel’. Sonical provided the right beats. Or were they the wrong ones?
Visitors could request their favourite song for charity.

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