Knowledge as a Service

Knowledge as a Service

Maximise impact with KaaS


Did you know that there is increasing resistance to classical training and that, moreover, some 70% of the knowledge acquired is lost after just a few days? Sounds like a waste of money and time…


At Sonical, we take a different approach. With Knowledge as a Service (KaaS), we pass on knowledge in a refreshing and sustainable way with one aim in mind: maximum and efficient use of the new tools.


KaaS: short workshops with long-term effect

With Knowledge as a Service (KaaS), we offer knowledge through short workshops. The content is standard, based on common experiences and best practices. We complement the series of workshops with Q&A cafes and the set-up of an online community where users can question each other and we step in when necessary. We also regularly publish tips & tricks and announce new features via the intranet.


“Short sessions, focused on one topic and only for those who need it: this is how we make training sessions 100% useful for the participant and cost-efficient for the company.”

How does KaaS work?

At go-live, we offer a short training session so that users can start up smoothly right away. Based on the learning-by-doing philosophy, users then find their way around the software. Are things still unclear or do they think they can get even more out of the software? Then they follow – according to their specific knowledge needs, at their own pace and according to their agenda – one or more training sessions to delve deeper into the tools.


These short workshops (1.5 to 2 hours) are scheduled periodically and aim to:


  • Gain insight into the added value of the tools
  • Discover step-by-step how to use the tools within one’s own job
  • Getting to know best practices

Our current KaaS offer

Microsoft Teams
Basic & Advanced

to transform
workplace collaboration

Microsoft SharePoint
Basic & Advanced

for sharing &


Microsoft Office 365

your productivity
cloud across work

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing explanation

Advantages of KaaS

  • Our inhouse trainers teach the material from the user’s point of view.


  • The content is 100% relevant to all participants and will stick better afterwards.


  • The short duration has minimal impact on the participant’s agenda.


  • Spread investment for the organisation.

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