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ERP implementation done right at Azelis

ERP implementation done right at Azelis

For over 2 years Sonical and Daxperience joined forces as A Collective to release one of the biggest ERP upgrades in history in Belgium. 
The chery on top of this massive ERP Cake? This project was delivered on time, on budget. Talk about an ERP implementation done right. 

Stay tuned to discover more about the entire Customer Story with more intell about:

  • The approach of Sonical and Daxperience; 
  • The story of Azelis and their experience; 
  • The view of Microsoft and their technology.  

Update from Azelis

Monday 17/10/2022

“Today we are super proud to announce the go-live of our cloud-enabled ERP system, Dynamics 365 F&O, to our employees. It is a crucial milestone in our digitalization strategy to become fully cloud-based. I want to thank all teams at Azelis who have pushed the envelope to make today’s go-live a true success. Thanks to Jan Witvrouwen who has been leading the program; to all project members; to our ERP champion users in the countries who supported the program from the beginning, “testing and trying” to perfection; and to all users who are embracing the new system and understand the strength of a cloud-enabled backbone. After +3,000 test cases and +1,500 bugs and questions resolved during UAT, we are there. I also want to thank the implementation partners A Collective (Sonical , Daxperience) with Managing Partners Frederik Op de Beeck (Daxperience), Olivier Laloo (Sonical), and Microsoft, more specifically, Kenny Saelen (Microsoft), Eva Gillijns (Microsoft), Marie Torrelle (Microsoft), for enabling this. Together, we leverage digital to create great customer journeys, while serving and strengthening the solid relationships we have with our partners. Connected enterprise? Here we are!”

Pepijn Karsmakers 
Group IT director | CIO at Azelis 

About Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

The advantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (AX)

  • Always the latest version
  • Seamless integration with other Microsoft products (outlook, excel,…)
  • Accessible from any device
  • Simple & intuitive
  • Scalable with your company
  • Built-in AI

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