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The power of training

Like athletes, employees and businesses need constant training and guidance to reach their full potential. At Sonical Studio, we’re here to help with that.

Our goal is to provide the best user experience through training. Before, during and after the implementation process of a new tool. This way you maximize your investment in your company.

The benefits of training for your organization

Maximize your investment

An athlete shines in their performance by investing in training and coaching. Maximize your investment by training and guiding users.

High level of job satisfaction

A system that works faster and more intuitively, and intelligently supports every user, leads to a great work experience every day.

Efficiency increase​

Because that's what it's all about in your business. The sum of better processes and individual performance leads to a significant increase in efficiency.

Maximum impact with Sonical Studio

Did you know that there is increasing resistance to traditional training methods and that about 70% of acquired knowledge is lost after a few days? It sounds like a waste of both money and time…

At Sonical, we take a different approach. With our training model, Knowledge as a Service (KaaS), we provide knowledge in a refreshing and sustainable way with one goal in mind: to achieve maximum and efficient use of new tools.

We base our approach on scientific research results about sustainable learning and combine them with our own best practices.

Repeat, repeat, repeat

After a training, your brain has stored a lot of information. To memorize and internalize this new knowledge and skills for the long term, repetition and practice are necessary. Each time you do this, the information becomes more deeply ingrained in your long-term memory.

Unconsciously, you send a clear signal to your brain not to forget the acquired knowledge and skills.

A certain number of repetitions, spaced out over time and space, works significantly better than consuming everything all at once.​

Want to take full advantage of your investment? Then invest in training for the end user.

Train and rehearse like a rockstar.

Mastering a new program requires repetition, but above all, action.

You can attend training after training and cram your head with new information, but it’s only when you apply that knowledge in practice that your skills and expertise grow.

Think of a rockstar who improves their performance through training and rehearsal.

Let's work together

With Sonical Studio, we offer knowledge and training through short workshops spread over a period of three months. The content is standard, based on general experience and best practices, but specific needs can also be addressed.

We complement the workshop series with Q&A cafes and the setup of an online community where users can ask each other questions and where we intervene when necessary.

We also regularly publish tips & tricks and announce new features via the intranet.

Would you like to exchange views on our approach?