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Need centralized project documentation?

As a project-based company, you may have one or multiple document management challenges that affect efficiency and daily operations.

Therefore, solutions are often sought to digitally centralize and optimize project documents and their management.
With our PMO module, we can provide an answer to this.

Why PMO?

  • Central place for all project data

  • Share documents with customers and suppliers

  • Make documentation findable and searchable

  • Consult documents via mobile devices

  • Easily consult documentation worldwide (without VPN)

  • Collaborate with your team on files

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Base Products.

Start your digital transformation.

Sonical has been active in digitizing, automating and optimizing business processes for over a decade. This for both scale-ups and listed companies. Our experience shows that companies often face the same issues and challenges. Our Base Products have automated some of these business processes. This includes both the automations of the basic process and all the technologies needed to support the process from A to Z.

By making the best use of standard Microsoft Technologies, the process can be easily adapted to the specific needs of the client. In essence, we can say that 80% is in the basics and 20% needs to be adapted to the client’s needs.

Project scope

By specifying which tasks and deliverables are included, the project scope of the Base Product to be delivered is clear to the stakeholders involved, senior management and team members.

In Scope

SharePoint setup.

All libraries & lists
To support the basic process.

Project Custom Template Site.

Creation of scripts with Azure Functions.

Automate workflows with Power Automate.

Key user training and project management.

Out of Scope

  • Synchronization of the project list with ERP or CRM systems.
  • Document Migration.
  • Attach additional metadata columns to the project overview list.
  • End user Training

Project Approach

To set up the PMO module, Sonical works according to a set procedure that has come about after continuous refinement during customer implementations.
The stages below show the course of this procedure for rolling out a PMO module in a Microsoft 365 environment.

Select & Start at the Sonical Store.

Start by choosing one, several or all applications.

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Kris D'Hoest

Managing Partner

“More than SharePoint specialists, we are Business Specialists and are keen on getting to know you, your data usage, dataflow and processes.”