For its accounting Asogem is now on the fast track by using Microsoft Dynamics Business Central


is the largest independent importer-distributor of household appliances in the Benelux, including the well-known brands Beko and Grundig. In more than 6 decades Asogem has not only been a spectator, but certainly also a participant in a sector where technological developments seem to follow in rapid succession. In order to keep up, the backbone of each organization must be solid, stable and future-proof. This growing awareness led Asogem to engage Sonical by Arcade to replace the accounting system with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

350.000 appliances a year

Whereas electrical, gas and fuel oil products were the main products of Aartselaar-based Asogem in the early days, over the years the company turned increasingly to the first category in its role as importer and distributor. A successful move, as it turned out. Today, roughly 70% of turnover is generated by the import and distribution of white goods, accounting for some 350,000 appliances a year, including household appliances, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, televisions and kitchen appliances, supplemented by built-in appliances and others. The focal point of all these activities? The kitchen area.


What was cooking?

But while there were many successes achieved by focusing on this area, other areas would increasingly require some attention, be it in-house at Asogem, more specifically in the areas of accounting and logistics. To further support its growth, it became clear to Asogem itself that it was time for a change, by redesigning their business applications starting with those used for accounting. And so they called in the help of Sonical.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: een gefaseerde implementatie

Voor de boekhouding werd al snel gekozen voor Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, aangezien de hoofdaccountant van Asogem al enige ervaring had met deze toekomstbestendige oplossing (zij het toen nog als Navision, de vroegere naam). Maar aangezien in een eerste fase beslist werd om enkel het boekhoudsysteem te vernieuwen, en voorlopig bij het AS/400-logistieke systeem te blijven, was het belangrijk om de operationele continuïteit van Asogem te verzekeren tijdens de uitrol van het systeem. Iets wat Sonical by Arcade op het lijf geschreven was!

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central centraal gegeevensbeheer

Phase 1: Analysis

The link between logistics and accounting is a crucial one in order to generate automatic bookkeeping transactions as soon as a logistics operation takes place. If there is any interference in the communication between the two modules, you are bound to run into problems. Caution was therefore in order.

However, after an analysis assisted by the third party responsible for managing the AS/400 solution, it turned out that the integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with the former would prove less complicated than previously assumed.

Phase 2: Communication and integration

Thanks to the knowledge acquired when examining the current solution, Sonical by Arcade, together with the formerly named company managing the AS/400-system, succeeded in providing an integration between the new accounting package and the existing logistics system in no time and without any operational delay. As of August 2021 – after just two months of development -, the newly integrated Business Central-system is up and running at Asogem.

Phase 3: Deploying to the Netherlands and to logistics as well

In addition to its headquarters in Mechelen (Belgium), Asogem is also firmly established in the Netherlands. That is why it is only logical that the next step should be to roll out the new configuration in the Zoetermeer-subsidiary as well. 


Phase 4: A perfect alignment between systems

The best possible scenario next to using Microsoft Dynamics 265 Business Central solely for everything related to accounting, is to also use it to manage the logistics component. In this way, companies can benefit from a seamless integration between operational activities such as logistics, and the financial follow-up of those activities.


In conclusion

Asogem can look back on a very successful collaboration with Sonical by Arcade, especially for the transparency the company brought to the table, both before and during the project. During this transparent analysis phase it was decided in close consultation that the implementation would be done in stages, in order to safeguard Asogem’s operational continuity. Sonical by Arcade took up the challenge without hesitation and coordinated with the system manager of the AS/400 solution, to ensure the compatibility of both systems.


Does your company also require a new IT system? Then know that, by opting for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you don’t have to tackle them all at once, but that this can also be done in phases! This way you don’t have to jump straight to the future, with a risk of falling into a trap, but you can gradually take steps, whenever you are ready!


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