Financial Management Automation at Duco

DUCO creates a healthy indoor climate, the natural way

Founded in 1991 in Veurne (Belgium), DUCO has grown into a key player in the European market of ventilation and sun protection systems. The company holds its customers’ health in the highest regard, bringing fresh air to buildings in a natural way: directly via the facade, without complex supply air ducts. For providing innovative solutions for residential properties, offices, schools and care centres, DUCO has already received various international awards.

Step-by-step reassessment of operational strategy


Having operated under a limited system for the past few years, DUCO is gradually reassessing the functioning of its departments in order to make the implementation more manageable for each team. With a full Microsoft immersion as the ultimate goal, separating financials from logistics and transferring the first-mentioned part to Dynamics 365 Business Central set the ball rolling for more optimization efforts.


Duco Customer Story

Challenges and solutions

Bringing structure to the sales process with Business Central

First challenge

With our experience in integrating an ERP package into an older operating system, we knew exactly how to handle things. The implementation of Business Central, and an additional software for streamlining administrative tasks, was accomplished in just four months after DUCO’s initial request. While the financial part in itself was quite straightforward, we made sure to improve the sales process to a maximum.

We introduced a complete digital invoice workflow with Continia Document Capture. This software offers an end-to-end solution to import, register, approve and archive purchase invoices directly into Business Central. Other document types can be handled in a similar, easy manner, and all of this happens with minimal user involvement. This saves the sales team both the time and hassle of having to register incoming documents manually and lugging with papers to get invoices approved.

Improving productivity with Modern Workplace

Second challenge

After a successful first round, DUCO also consulted us for an intranet solution to improve the communication and collaboration among employees, and thus their productivity and satisfaction. This creates a new modern way of working for each department whereby, for example, the exchange of documents through classic tools like FileShare and Dropbox is migrated to SharePoint: an essential tool in accessing documentation anywhere, any place. By doing so we enable employees in their daily collaboration.

Integrating Dynamics Customer Service, Sales and Marketing

What's next?

To fully immerse the company in the Microsoft ecosystem, in a third phase we’ll integrate Dynamics Customer Service, Sales and Marketing to provide the organisation a tool for lead generation, project & opportunity follow up, aftercare and marketing automation. By doing so, the customer service, sales and marketing departments are able to help and coach their dealers, installers and customers the best possible way. Especially a large-scale business such as DUCO will benefit from this customer relationship management software to nurture leads and engage with customers in a streamlined way.


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