Financial Management Automation at Duco

DUCO creates a healthy indoor climate, the natural way

Founded in 1991 in Veurne (Belgium), DUCO has grown into a key player in the European market of ventilation and sun protection systems. The company holds its customers’ health in the highest regard, bringing fresh air to buildings in a natural way: directly via the facade, without complex supply air ducts. For providing innovative solutions for residential properties, offices, schools and care centres, DUCO has already received various international awards.

Duco Customer Story

Step-by-step reassessment of operational strategy

DUCO has been operating under a limited system in recent years. Now, they are gradually reassessing the functioning of their departments to ensure better manageability for each team. The ultimate goal is to achieve a full Microsoft immersion. To kickstart the optimization efforts, they have separated financials from logistics and transferred the financial part to Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Challenges and solutions

Bringing structure to the sales process with Business Central

First challenge

Our extensive experience in integrating an ERP package into an older operating system gave us the necessary expertise to handle the task with confidence. Following DUCO’s initial request, we successfully implemented Business Central and an additional software to streamline administrative tasks within a remarkably short timeframe of just four months. While the financial aspect posed no significant challenges, we dedicated ourselves to maximizing improvements in the sales process.

To achieve this goal, we introduced Continia Document Capture, a comprehensive digital invoice workflow solution. This powerful software provided an end-to-end solution for importing, registering, approving, and archiving purchase invoices directly within Business Central. Furthermore, we ensured that other document types could be managed with equal ease, all while minimizing the need for user involvement. As a result, the sales team benefited from significant time savings and the elimination of manual document registration and the burdensome handling of physical papers during the invoice approval process.

Improving productivity with Modern Workplace

Second challenge

Following a successful initial engagement, DUCO approached us for a consultation on an intranet solution to enhance employee communication, collaboration, productivity, and satisfaction. Our aim was to establish a modernized work environment for each department.

To achieve this, we facilitated the migration of document exchange from traditional tools like FileShare and Dropbox to SharePoint, which served as a crucial platform for accessing documentation from any location. Through this transition, we empowered employees to collaborate seamlessly on a daily basis, promoting efficient and effective teamwork.

Integrating Dynamics Customer Service and Sales

What's next?​

To fully immerse the company in the Microsoft ecosystem, we’ll integrate Dynamics Customer Service and Sales in a third phase. This integration will provide the organization with a tool for lead generation, project and opportunity follow-up, aftercare, and marketing automation. By doing so, the customer service, sales, and marketing departments will be able to assist and coach their dealers, installers, and customers more effectively.

DUCO, being a large-scale business, will particularly benefit from this customer relationship management software. It will enable them to nurture leads and engage with customers in a more streamlined manner.

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