Easy Life – unburdening every IT problem

By linking the right household help to the right family, service voucher company Easy Life ensures that families have more quality time. With offices all over Flanders and Brussels and with a hip and young look, Easy Life is currently in a booming business.

But booming business and rapid growth also bring challenges. Easy Life is now active from 25 offices. In order to provide all consultants on site with the necessary IT infrastructure and to assist them with small and large computer problems, Easy Life calls on Sonical by TWS.

The challenge

With offices in 32 different locations, Easy Life confirms its strong position in the market. Where previously the CEO or a permanent employee solved the IT problems in between, Easy Life put this in the hands of TWS in 2015. Rapid growth is accompanied by rapid team expansion. Starting up new employees requires not only the core business but also a lot of workload in terms of infrastructure. Just think of a laptop and its configuration, a smartphone, …

Even after the start-up, IT problems sometimes arise. The printer does not start up, the Wi-Fi does not give a signal, the documents in the cloud give an error message, …

“Do we have a problem? Then we quickly take the phone and call Sonical by TWS. The problem is solved in no time.”


Unburdening every IT problem

“When starting up new employees, TWS helps us to provide the necessary infrastructure.” Says Sofie Van den Branden, HR manager at Easy Life. “I provide TWS with an excel with all the necessary data and they ensure that everything is ready on the first working day: installed laptop with the necessary Microsoft 365 licenses, new smartphone, a laptop support, keyboard, mouse, possibly a headset, …

This is also done in this way for new orders. However, Andy and Tim, our contact persons at Sonical by TWS, will always think along with us. For example, if two people place the same order, they will always double-check and not blindly order. A great reassurance to have such an IT team behind you.”


Managed services
Cloudinfrastructuur en cyberveiligheid

If consultants experience a problem during the working day, they can contact TWS directly. Ideal, because this way Sofie can focus on her core tasks and the employee is also helped super fast. Each device is provided with a sticker with unique code, so Sonical by TWS can tackle the problem efficiently.

The biggest added value? TWS is always available and our single point of contact. A network problem? TWS picks this up with Proximus. We don’t have to hang on the waiting line for minutes ourselves.”

TWS is therefore very pleased to be able to enjoy Easy Life in their beautiful growth story. This summer, two new offices were opened. The necessary digital telephony with all its functionalities such as digital receptionist, call queues, holiday arrangement… were set up. A great collaboration that Easy Life is very satisfied with. Other companies have already found their way to TWS thanks to a recommendation from Easy Life.

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