Forbes Awards Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central as Best ERP System of 2023

As an IT consultancy specializing in Microsoft, Sonical is proud to announce that Forbes has named Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (MD365 BC) as the best ERP system of 2023. With the increasing need for businesses to manage and integrate essential functions and processes, ERP systems have become a critical tool for companies of all sizes. MD365 BC is recognized as the top ERP system, offering powerful capabilities in accounting, CRM, human resources (HR), and supply chain management.

ERP systems are a valuable asset to any business striving for accurate data collection and management, especially for tracking sales, inventory, and finances. They are not just popular in manufacturing and production-based fields but also in healthcare, e-commerce, and non-profit organizations. Unlike siloed management software systems of the past, ERP systems have a central database that provides a single hub for all data collection and management programs.

Implementing an ERP system like MD365 BC brings numerous benefits, including greater productivity, easy reporting, increased accuracy, easier compliance, improved agility, better interdepartmental collaboration, scalability, and integrations. When selecting an ERP system, it’s crucial to consider core features, cost, the demo, and implementation.

At Sonical, we recognize that choosing the right ERP system is a critical decision. With many options in the market, it can be overwhelming to decide which one is the best fit for your needs. However, Forbes has recognized MD365 BC as the best overall ERP system of 2023, beating out 15 other top players in the market. This accolade is a testament to the system’s extensive capabilities in accounting, CRM, HR, and supply chain management.

While MD365 FO is also a powerful Microsoft ERP system, MD365 BC stands out due to its ease of use, affordability, and flexibility. To learn more about the differences between the two, stay tuned for our upcoming whitepaper. Choosing MD365 BC means selecting a reliable, scalable, and cost-effective solution that can streamline your workflows, improve your reporting capabilities, and enhance interdepartmental collaboration.

As an IT consultancy specializing in Microsoft, Sonical has the expertise to help you implement MD365 BC and ensure that your business gets the most out of it. Contact us to learn more about how MD365 BC can benefit your organization. Let us show you why Forbes has named MD365 BC the best ERP system of 2023, and why Sonical is the go-to expert for all your Microsoft needs. Don’t wait – contact us now and let’s get started!

Download our E-Book Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central:

In this E-Book you can find demo video’s and the following topics:

  • The different modules of business central
  • Integrations (office, CRM, Power Platform)
  • Add-ons
    • WMS tasklet Factory
    • OCR
    • Expense Management
    • Webshop integration
  • Licenses
  • Project methodology
  • Support
  • Trial

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