A general and user-friendly email server for Aexis

As a software company, Aexis is known on the one hand as a seller of software packages aimed at financial services within companies and acts as a partner of software makers. On the other hand, Aexis also provides consulting services to tailor software packages to customers’ needs.

But a company with three branches cannot function optimally and efficiently if all three branches work with different email servers. And to solve that problem, Aexis called on the expertise of Sonical.


The challenge.

Aexis has three offices in Europe: in France, the Netherlands and Belgium, where the parent company is located. All three branches used to work with their own e-mail servers. In other words, each branch office processed mails in a different way. Aexis invested in setting up a single server for the three branches because fewer and fewer people were dealing with IT, to stay ahead of staff turnover problems and to avoid running the risk of digital problems.

“Running the risk of ending up in a situation where we had no emails available for several days or maybe even weeks due to hardware or software problems was something we definitely wanted to avoid. And when there is only one person in the company dealing with IT, this risk only increases. For this reason, we turned to Sonical.” Tells Kris Schepens, responsible for the IT department within the Aexis group.

Aexis email server

Two projects.

The first project that Sonical helped Aexis with was the switch from their own email servers to Microsoft 365. The risk of (long-term) problems is thus eliminated and within the entire company everyone works in the same way.

“From this first project, further collaboration has grown. This goes much further than Microsoft 365 alone. Sonical provided a new firewall for the three branches and together we looked for new backup solutions. I can also call on Sonical at any time when a problem arises that I do not have enough knowledge of myself.”


Benefits of 3 branches.

“The help of Sonical undoubtedly offered benefits for all three branches, because Microsoft offers solid guarantees. Also, Office 365 offers more than just solutions for using our emails. We now have the ability to create sharepoint websites, we can share documents more easily and it is ideal to set up a video call through Microsoft Teams. Especially since COVID, we have been very pleased with these additional features.”


“Sonical may be a small IT company, but at Aexis we see this as a big plus. You speak to people every time who are very friendly and professional. Also, they all know very well what they are doing and are really a crack at their trade. The migration of the e-mail server, for example, was completed before anyone realized. Hardly anyone experienced any problems because of this. We can therefore only recommend Sonical.”


We at Sonical are also extremely happy that we can and may cooperate with Aexis and that in this way we can also leave our mark a little abroad. A beautiful cooperation between Aexis and Sonical, of which both companies are more than proud.


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